TiffSurfer 4.0

TiffSurfer is a feature-rich TIFF viewing, converting and management tool
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TiffSurfer is much more than just a TIFF viewer; it is a complete document management solution. Besides TIFF image viewing, it provides image manipulation, cleaning, printing and conversion features, as well as PDF generating capabilities and support for text recognition and OCR reading functions.

TiffSurfer comes as a browser plug-in and lets you use the Internet browser to preview and open these images from online sources directly. I would have liked it even more if it had a stand-alone version as well, as the browser plug-in depends on the browser and we all know how unstable browsers can get, especially older versions of Internet Explorer. Anyway, I appreciate its comprehensiveness a lot and the large number of features and functions that it provides. It allows you to view, manipulate, print and convert not only single page and multi-page TIFF files, but also images of other file formats, such as JPEG, GIF and BMP. A large variety of image editing and viewing options are also available, such as zooming, rotating, deskewing, cropping, correcting colors, etc. Annotations and thumbnail management are also supported.

In my book, a big plus is represented by the PDF generating function. It allowed me to instantly create a PDF document from a 2-page TIFF file without any errors or problems. The advanced OCR reader is also a handy additional feature of this program.

As you can see, though it’s a rather old application that hasn’t been updated in quite a while, TiffSurfer is still handy and effective in many situations thanks to the large number of features and functions that it incorporates. Such a powerful multifunctional tool simply doesn’t depreciate easily.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Allows creating PDF documents from image files
  • Can convert between different image file formats
  • Includes many image editing and viewing options


  • Comes only as a browser plug-in: no stand-alone version is available
  • Hasn't been updated for years
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